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More About Chef Keva

Hi my name is Keva Michelle major. I am from the beautiful Long Island in the Bahamas!
At an early age I grew up watching my mother in the kitchen baking and cooking basic meals. As I get older my interest brighten and my mom encouraged me to follow my dreams and make it a reality!
Thereafter on a day to day basis I develop a passion for baking and cooking!!it wasn’t all easy but practice make perfect.
I grew to love and serving people I create the most mouth watering cuisine ever. I started my training in food and nutrition at the Government high school in Nassau and excelled further into the College of the Bahamas and the CH Reeves night institute.
My love and passion continued for a short time at the crystal palace hotel.There I learned basic cooking. I continued being adventurous so I worked at the Cape Santa Maria Hotel in Long Island then the Stella Maris Inn.
I remained passionate and humble to work with more chefs. Later breading my skills as chef de partie I joined the four seasons at Emerald Bay Exuma!! this adventure broadened my skills in Asian and Italian foods.
After all my experience I now entered St Francis Resort on stocking island as Head Chef | Sous Chef. It was challenging but I was determined and passion followed.
The love for foods and my guest widened every day. After 12 years on the job I decided to master my own career and to be my own boss! I took a role as a private chef.
With no stress but just love and compassion I will come to your house | rental and bring you the most fantastic foods you ever experienced, Weddings, small groups parties, I will make memories for you. Asian foods, Italian or Bahamian foods I specialize in along with my famous breads, cakes, pies!
You suggest it and I will make it a reality! My motto remains bringing home foods to satisfy your tastebuds.
I remain passionate and grateful to serve my guests!!